About HTN

HISTORY // How we got here..

As car enthusiasts, we’ve been in the scene for quite sometime. Livin’ the dream at 18, with no direction and following the fads. It didn’t take long until I started my own ‘car crew’.  It’s weird to even call it that now…though this was 12 years ago, it was the thing to do. Established in 2000, ‘Team Mikado’, then turned ‘Team STANCE’ (the first official use of the word ‘STANCE’ began in 2003, I may add) did all things car crew; crazy team exclusive decals…local, late-nite, trouble-making, street racing, show-off kinda deal.  And though members came and went, though I’m proud to say many  old members are now closer to me than family.

I realized by The Fast & Furious:Tokyo Drift, that I didn’t want this anymore. (*Like my timeline usage…?!) The team, initiations, member trial periods…all that political stuff. Around this time, I found KamiSpeed; Along with my roommates who transcended japanese car culture. I was sucked into suspension, light-weight wheels, internals, chassis building… all things performance. And just like that, Form wasn’t that important.

NOW // What HeelToe Nation means?.

Turned on by quality & function, we favorite those performance builds! HTN represents a lifestyle of anything with the heel-toe action. Keeping it professional and humble. AND YES… we like wide-bodies, big wings & splitters that will slice any leg off.


最初に機能します – “It Functions FIRST.”.




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